Trophy Hunting is a lifestyle brand with a refined approach to traditional American sportswear. Named for the pursuit of personal greatness, Trophy Hunting celebrates self-defined success and joyful attainment.

Trophy Hunting takes a deeply purposeful approach to design, focusing on fabric and details that bring stylish ease to life’s journeys. The brand’s circle logo is placed on clothes as a subtle silicone patch, created to feel more like a seal than a label. Each circle represents the infinite process of Trophy Hunting: the chase and reward, the journey, and the ceremony.

Collections are built from a stable of evergreen products like shorts, hoodies, sweats, and t-shirts, presented outside of the constraints of seasons. After all, it’s always the season for whatever you seek to do. Anchored in sport, and inspired by high velocity lifestyles, Trophy Hunting pieces are adaptable to a range of bodies and gender expressions.

One of Trophy Hunting's signatures is the Game Changer short, a mesh short meticulously designed with the ideal weight and drape. The development of this hero staple was slow and intentional: the team carefully selected a specialized draw cord with the perfect hand feel, designed an in-pocket key ring, and sized pockets for a passport (and zips placed to keep belongings secure, even when reclining in a seat). The result is a familiar silhouette, with perfected lightness, and unmatched thoughtfulness that reveals itself more with each wear.

The brand’s hand drawn graphics, typography, and fabrics are grounded in classic country club styling, infused with new vibrance, style and humor. Trophy Hunting offers a fresh take on the prep ethos, repurposing historically exclusive aesthetics for a new era of sporting culture that’s forward-thinking and celebrates personal style.

Trophy Hunting was founded by Dustin Canalin, Kari Cruz, Jason Gaines, all champions of self expression, exemplary products, and worthy platforms. With minds rooted in creative direction, design, production, and their own courtside flare, the trio launched Trophy Hunting to outfit the creative pursuit of world travel, joy, and community.

Trophy Hunting is about reward: not the kind you display on a shelf, but the rewards you display across your life.

Trophy Hunting is now available at Stashed SF
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